10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is best for your business growth

A definitive list of why Digital Marketing is key to jumpstart your business  growth online

Nowadays everyone is online. An average person spends a large amount of their day connected to the internet in one form or another, and it was this up and coming trend has caused the birth of a revolutionary form of marketing strategy – Digital marketing! 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a blanket term used to describe a wide variety of strategies that focus on using online the online medium to promote any number of things from goods and services to online blogs and eCommerce. It is, in fact being hailed as the new best thing since TV ads became a thing! Due to sheer versatility of digital marketing, there is speculation that soon digital marketing may even largely replace the other traditional methods of marketing. 

Digital Marketing is the new wave. More and more companies are developing digital marketing strategies every day to stake their claim in the fast populating digital world. In a rapidly digitalizing India, the impact a good digital marketing campaign can have on your business growth can be mind boggling!  

Reasons why digital marketing is becoming ever important

1. Cost Effective

Digital Marketing strategies when compared to more traditional forms of marketing, is very cost-effective expenditure. Especially for small businesses who may not have the capital or resources to invest in the much more expensive traditional strategies such as TV adverts, digital marketing can be a deal breaker. It both an extremely cheap and effective way of promoting your brand

2. Relate with your customers

Digital marketing, thought the use of blogs, paid and unpaid online content, etc., can help brands connect with their customers in a much deeper level than they would using billboards, snail mail or even PR campaigns. Afterall, you got to relate to convert! 

3. Reach customers on their best friends, their smartphones

The progressive march of technology has made smartphones something extremely common and widely preferred due to their portability compared to desktops and laptops. A 2019 survey showed that more than 500 million Indian used a smartphone regularly and of them, 77 % are accessing the internet regularlySuch a huge number of daily users has made it essential that you use a marketing solution that targets these devices properly. 

4. Better ROI on your marketing investments

widespread digital outreach strategy can be extremely helpful in increasing your revenues. The data extracted from your outreach campaigns, can be used to predict consumer behavior, and thus help increase your ROI during the subsequent campaign. 

5. Know your customer intimately

Analytics services like Google analytics can help you gain insight into your customer’s mindset and preferences by monitoring your customer’s actions online. This can help you predict their behaviour, thereby allowing you to create an even more tailored experience for your customers. 

6. Convert more people

Owning a website, you can easily track conversions by analysing the traffic that gets converted into subscribers, leads and sales. Another good news is that conversions are higher with digital marketing when compared to other traditional forms of marketing. 

7. Target only the chosen audience

An important reason why digital marketing is gaining traction over traditional marketing is that it helps in targeting specific segments of the online population, rather than just put it out there and hope potential customers see your effortsWith digital marketing, the interactions done with audience are always result-oriented since only those most liable to be interested is shown the content. Therefore, digital marketing is considered the best, tailored form of marketing. 

8. Levelling the playing field

Small businesses can expect to see some real growth due to nature of digital marketing ensuring equal opportunities. Digital Marketing is not a strategy limited to the big and affluent corporations or MNCs. The beauty of digital marketing is that is allows small businesses to reach a traditionally impossible amount of audience, allowing them to stand in perfect competition with old and established brandsGetting the word out has never been easier! 

9. Let your customers promote you

Most people underestimate the kind of impact social media promotions can have on a brand’s popularity.  In fact, these days many people actively look at the likes, comments, and shares before buying a product online than simply trusting what the ad says itself. Digital marketing is borne by social proof, social media signals and real testimonials from customers who have previously purchased or availed a service or product marketed by your business. Therefore, the more likes and shares you get, the more credibility and trust your brand will have among the netizens. Using the various social media channels to inform your followers about your latest discounts, new products, blog posts and the like can also help bring more traffic to your website. 

10. Easily measurable results

With the help of the specific tools, it is easy to track and measure results for each digital marketing platform your campaign is running onBy evaluating their performance individually, you gain insights into ongoing trends and public opinion. These data gathered can help you make informed decisions to better promote you brand.  

Looking at the above list of reasons, it is obvious why you should opt for digital marketing. While it may seem more routine to adopt traditional methods of marketing, it is important to remember that the results with traditional methods can be terribly slow and are able to influence consumers at only the local level. Whereas the potential consumer base found online is simply enormous when compared those available locally. With digital marketing, the potential of your business is as limitless as the internet! 

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