5 point website design checklist for every small business owner

It’s 2021 and every business is going online to capture their slice of the pie, in the virtual world.  The first step of getting a foothold online for a business,  is to have a website. Service providers across the globe compete for this pie called website design and development. In most cases, the business owners who aren’t tech-savvy get underdeliverd by the service providers. Here we have the 5 point checklist for website design every small business owner should use, to create a well designed website that leaves a lasting impression about your business. 


Here is a 5 point website design checklist for small business owners.


The website is the cornerstone of any business’s identity and brand online. Having a website is as relevant as existing online, in 2021. Having a clear brand showcase while designing the website is an important aspect to watch out for, since the website is among the most important of its  digital assets a business can have for it’s branding, advertising and overall marketing. Consistent branding across the website and social media is important for businesses to stay relevant in 2021. 


As important as having a website is to have a website that loads fast, wherever the users visit it from. With users going mobile and the majority of the searches being done on mobile devices, people visit and stay on fast loading websites that load within 2-3 seconds and are interactive. Every second the page takes to load decreases the chances of conversions happening on the website.

Fast page load can be achieved by using multiple approaches like,
Having fast web hosting from reliable hosting providers:  Using reliable web hosting providers like Hostinger, Bluehost, Flexicloud, WP Engine, etc can help keep the page laid times on the faster side.
Having a Content Delivery Network configured: Content Delivery Network or CDN is a network of globally distributed proxy servers and networks that helps load the website from the server nearest to the visitor so that the page loads within no time. Using reliable CDN services like Cloudflare, Bunny CDN, Fastly or MaxCDN can greatly improve the page load times.
Having proper, clean, and consistent code structure: Building the website with proper code structure is as relevant as having a stable backend hardware backup.


Did you know that 48% of all searches on Google originated from mobile devices, as a first point of search? With ever growing internet speeds and electronics manufacturers trying to gain an edge over their competitors by launching faster, better, smoother mobile phones, the users are increasingly going online on their mobile phones. Having a website that loads well and looks great, just like it does on a computer is crucial, to having an online presence for any business. Responsive design is when a website responds to the user’s environment and behaviour based on the screen size the website is accessed from. A website that provides the visitor with the same user experience on both computers and their mobile devices, is bound to lead to conversions, compared to a website that is not.

A website is the storefront for any business online, regardless of the product or service being offered by any business. Just like at  a physical store, easily navigating the website is as important as the product being sold. If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for quickly, the chances of the visitor leaving is on the higher side, and thus, more sales are being driven away. Easy page navigation can be achieved by having clear and consistent typography, consistent colour schemes, and proper navigational signals that lead to the relevant pages of the website. 


Conversion optimization is the process of optimizing the website or landing page experience  based on user behaviour, and to improve the user experience to improve the probability of users taking the steps to conversion on the website. A well optimized landing page or website will connect with the visitors at all the right notes and improve the chances of conversion by making the visitors comfortable and familiar with the product or service being offered. 

Is the 5 point website design checklist right for your business?

This is an easy to follow 5 point website design checklist with things to watch out for, for small businesses so that they can easily keep track of the deliverables when outsourcing their website development. This is the checklist shared by our team at Webvendere, to all our clients. Webvendere is among the best digital marketing companies for small businesses.

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