We are of the opinion that Web Designing is an underappreciated art form. After all it takes real talent to create something that can captivate the visitors to not only stay, but to return. At Webvendere, We create beautiful, responsive designs tailored to fit each and every requirement our client may have. While our responsive UI makes it possible to view your application or website on any device without compromising its layout.

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Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Website Design, What and How?

Responsive website design is all about creating websites that looks good on all devices! it’s quite possibly the hottest thing in the field of web designing right now. It is a modern way of web designing in which the developer uses HTML and CSS to allow that website to zoom, resize or otherwise adjust it’s content inorder fit the device in which it is being viewed. 

A website build using a Responsive UI is capable of automatically detecting the type of device it being view on, thus, enabling it to adjust itself so as to provide the user the best experience possible.


Is a Responsive design really necessary?

The simple answer is: YES

In India, with each passing day the amount of eCommerce platforms are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Amidst such competition, it is a necessity to provide your website with every possible advantage. Nowadays people use their smartphones for just about anything. So, it’s a forgone conclusion that many of your prospective visitors are going to accessing your website through a smartphone. This is where responsive UI comes into play! A website built using a responsive design will be able to seamlessly adjust to any device that is used to access it. A responsive design will provide your customers with  a great experience regardless of their device, making them fall in love with your website! 

The Future Is Easy & Mobile

In the past few years, being Mobile-Friendly has quickly become the hallmark of a modern website.  The lack of such a feature can case your website to be seen as obsolete and old by the customers who would naturally prefer the better look of a mobile-friendly website. This can cause them to go over to your competitors who may provide them with the feature. It is especially true these days since more and more people are finding it more convenient to use a smartphone over a cumbersome desktop or a laptop. A recent study says that over 65% of the internet users in India browse from mobile. So in the grand scheme of things, making your website responsive is a small price to pay if it means you can reach all these people who are potential customers.

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